About PWL Outdoors
A new range of outdoor accessories for sports enthusiasts & professionals
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About PWL Outdoors

Excellence and Utility
PWL Outdoors is a new range of products for sports enthusiasts and professionals. Our aim is simple: to provide the best quality equipment holders and protection with good value-for-money pricing.

Launching in 2009 with a range of bags, equipment holders, document wallets and halyard holders, the PWL Outdoors range is designed with utility in mind. We want to make a product that you can use day-in, day-out. A product that looks good and fits active people doing very active things.

PWL Outdoors is proud of its origins: Price Western Leather Company Limited (www.pwluk.com) has over 30 years' experience producing leather and synthetic equipment for sports shooters as well as specialised holsters and holders for the police and security industry. The in-house design team uses state of the art technology in terms of both design methods and materials.

We pride ourselves in our strong relationships with our customers, feedback from whom allows us to improve and update our products as new uses are found and new products are requested.

For more information, please contact us by email or call on 01643 705071.
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